Brymo’s management responds as he is called out for not giving the artist credit for a “yellow” work

Brymo's management responds as he is called out for not giving the artist credit for a "yellow" work

Brymo’s management, The Bali Music Company responded to artist who called the singer out for not giving him credit on the artwork used on his yellow album.

Artist Samuel Olowomeye who the artist behind Brymo’s “YellowThe album cover titled “Insights and Frustrations” expressed frustration at not being cited for her work. Taking his Twitter page, he wrote:“I JUST WANT MY WORK TO BE WELL RECOGNIZED !, I don’t ask too much. doesn’t have to be that way, I have no other option left ”

Brymo’s management, The Bail Music Company in response clarified how Brymo got hold of the artwork and that the singer actually got permission to use . In a statement released via Twitter, “The Bail Music Company would like to thank Mr. Samuel Olowomeye for bringing to our attention his grievances regarding his artwork used the cover for Brymo’s ‘Yellow’ album. The organizers of the Art Night event had invited Brymo to perform at the event on February 15, 2020.

part of the deal, organizers offered payment to Brymo AND a free piece of art to create during the event. Mr. Samuel Olowomeue’s artwork ‘Insight and Frustrations’ caught Brymo’s attention because had something to do with what he had envisioned for his latest album ‘Yellow’.

The artwork was presented a gift to Brymo at the end of his performance at the Art Night event. Appreciating further the creativity of Mr. Samuel Olowomeye, Brymo requested via email to have the electronic copy of the artwork to use the album cover for “Yellow”. At no time during this documented correspondence was there offer or demand for payment.

No guarantee of increased follow-up on social networks was given either. appropriate when a gift given, appreciation must be expressed. Brymo publicly thanked Mr. Samuel Olowomeye for the gift of the artwork via Instagram post on March 14, 2020 – and duly tagged on said post.

Brymo has nothing to do with the auction or the process behind the same for this piece of art. We believe this a question that should have been addressed and resolved with the organizers of the Art Night event. So ’s unpleasant shock to us that, although Brymo specifically requested the electronic copy of the artwork, at no point did Mr. Olowomeye make actual request on his own – except to be labeled , which Brymo did next.

We have to apologize to Mr. Samuel Olowomeye for the unintentional mistake in his name on the album. Likewise, we regret all the inconveniences caused the delay delivery of our orders. After lockdown, we were unable to ship CDs using our usual logistics company. All orders have been processed and will reach our esteemed fans soon possible.

As talent managers, we fully understand and appreciate the importance of intellectual property rights, we remain open to a conversation with Mr. Samuel Olowomeye to clarify any further grievances.
he might have. “

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