# BBNaija2020: “I want to kiss you” – Dorathy says to her housekeeper

# BBNaija2020: "I want to kiss you" - Dorathy says to her housekeeper



, Dorathy stated that said about wanting to kiss a housemate, was not said to be under the influence of .

said that really wanted to kiss and that was hurt, he refused her the opportunity.

Dorathy said,

“You offended me Bright because we had a talk last night and you didn’t take me seriously because you thought I was drunk.”

“I remember everything, I wanted to say every word I said, including the part where I said I wanted to kiss you.

“Everyone was shocked, but I said I don’t know, I can’t explain.”

Dorathy hasn’t been romantically attached to any guys so far, but with has said, we may be getting ready to see another ship sailing around the house.


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