ATTENTION!!! How NYSC Select Stream 1&2 For Service 31/05/202

*ATTENTION!!* *Documents Required For NYSC Online Registration At Cyber Cafe:* *31/05/2022*
*ATTENTION!!* *Documents Required For NYSC Online Registration At Cyber Cafe:* *31/05/2022*

How NYSC Select Stream 1&2 For Service

  • Knowing how NYSC

select Stream 1 and 2 will help you to fix yourself to whatever Stream you want to go with.
NYSC mobilization is normally 3 batches every year, and each batch comes with Stream 1 & 2.
‘Stream’ came up because of the large number of graduates that usually register for NYSC in every batch.
Since the NYSC Camp cannot accommodate all the registered persons at once, the NYSC management has to split a “Batch” into Stream 1 and 2.
‘Stream I’ will first enter the NYSC Camp, when they are through, they will leave a space for Stream II.
After Stream 1 have gone for service, it usually takes NYSC about two months before they will call up Stream II.
So, for one reason or the other you might want to go with either Stream 1 or 2.

*How NYSC Select Stream 1 and 2*

The algorithm NYSC used to place prospective corps members into ‘Streams’ is random. The system has been programmed to randomly place people into Streams.
However, there is a way to trick the system to place you into any ‘Stream’ you want.
By the time you finish reading this post, you will know how to make your way to any Stream of choice by paying nobody.

*How to follow a NYSC Stream of your choice*
*There are two ways you can follow any NYSC stream or your choice:*
1. Trick NYSC program;
2. Go to NYSC office.

Trick NYSC program

For example; to trick NYSC into placing you in Stream 1, you should register on the 1st or 2nd day the online registration begins.
But if you want to go with stream II, register late; let us say after 4 or 5 days the online registration began.
If you register on time, you will increase your chance of falling within Stream I by 95%. Also, if you register late, your will increase your chance of falling within Stream 2 by 95%.

Warning: Please, do not register very late if you are targeting Stream II. Don’t wait until after one week that registration begun.

Go to NYSC office

Another way to go with Stream of your choice is to visit NYSC office in your state. Since NYSC has Secretariat in all the States in Nigeria, you can easily locate the NYSC office in your state of residence.
When you visit the NYSC Secretariat, ask them to put you in any Stream of your choice and give them reason you want a particular Stream.
If your reason is on health, marital or academic ground, your request will be granted.

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