*ATTENTION!!* *Documents Required For NYSC Online Registration At Cyber Cafe:* *31/05/2022*

*ATTENTION!!* *Documents Required For NYSC Online Registration At Cyber Cafe:* *31/05/2022*
*ATTENTION!!* *Documents Required For NYSC Online Registration At Cyber Cafe:* *31/05/2022*

*Documents Required For NYSC Online Registration At Cyber Cafe:

Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) would want to know the documents they need for NYSC registration at Cyber Cafe.

In this article, we will show you all the documents needed for NYSC registration at Cyber Café.
During the NYSC online registration, there are two categories of people that will register:
1. Foreign trained students , and
2. Nigerian trained students.
So, the documents to be uploaded by these two categories of students during NYSC online registration are not the same.
Now, let’s show you the documents that you need for NYSC registration for the two categories of students as mentioned above.

Documents that you need for NYSC registration as a foreign trained students
*Below are the documents that every foreign graduate should upload during online registration;*
1. International Passport
2. Degree or HND Certificate (original)
3. O’level results (original)
4. Passport photograph
5. Evaluation letter
6. Resident permit to study in the foreign country.

*Documents that you need for NYSC registration as a Nigerian students*
The only documents Nigerian trained graduates need at Cyber Café for NYSC registration is a ‘Passport photograph’. This is because their institution of graduation has partially done the registration for them through ( Senate List ). So anyone whose name is not found on the Senate list is automatically disqualified.

*NYSC Documents for married women*
Any married woman who desires to be posted to where her husband live, should upload the following documents;
1. Marriage certificate,
2. Newspaper change of name,
3. Husband’s ID card,
4. Utility bill,
5. Husband’s domicile letter,
6. Wedding pictures

*NYSC Documents for those that are sick*
If you are critically sick or disabled, please indicate that during your registration, and also upload a Medical Report. This will help NYSC know how to post you.

*General things you should take to Cyber Cafe for NYSC Registration*
Below is the list of things you should take along with you to the registration center. See
accredited NYSC registration centers .
1. All the documents you will upload as stated above,
2. Biro: You will need this because you may need it to write something,
3. Email Account : You need a Gmail account. Please, create one if you don’t have.
4. ATM card: You will need ATM card to make payment to NYSC.
5. Cash : Go with some cash to pay the Cyber Cafe owner,
6. Your School Matriculation number and JAMB Reg number

The above are all documents needed for NYSC registration. If you have any question, drop it in the inbox section.

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