Apple Maps is a worthless burden on society and everyone knows it:

Apple Maps is known for giving crappy directions. The app will take you to the middle of nowhere on a road that says DO NOT ENTER. If life were a horror movie and society was a bunch of horny teenagers, Apple Maps would be the old man in overalls at the run down gas station giving directions and then manic chuckling as the station wagon. teenagers shrinks away.

Believe me, use Google Maps instead. The only thing Apple Maps is good at is an excuse for being late.
“Sorry, boss, Apple Maps took me straight to the strip club.” Silly app. “
“It’s okay, Alex.
I head for the door.
“Hey, wait.”
I turn to face him.
“You know I’m proud of you, right?” Tears fill her eyes.
I want to say something. To tell him how grateful I am for the opportunities he has given me. But I can’t find the words. I can’t find anything because I have Apple Maps.
God, this is such a crappy app.

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