Accept payment in stock .. or else.

I work as a freelance sales trainer, have over ten years of experience and clients who use me over and over again to train new salespeople. I charge a flat fee for the training and then a percentage of the sales the person makes over the next two years.

Last year, I was approached by a start-up I had never heard of who asked me to meet them.

Customer: I will not pay in cash, but I can pay in inventory at the new company.

Me: Well, I’m sorry, but if so, this meeting is over. It’s a red line for me.

The CEO physically prevented me from leaving the room and told me that if I didn’t come back, “there would be problems”. Her sales manager said, “You better listen.” I am a former Royal Marine and I pushed him to the ground and left the room.

Later, he called the police and reported me for assault. The police laughed when I told them the storey.

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