2,400 classic cool vector illustrations for $ 17 – 93% off!

This week’s offer is over 2,400 vintage illustrations that have been scanned, cleaned up and formatted into fully customizable vector images!

> They are super cool, easy to use and have a great design.

See. You’re an expert with Photoshop and Illustrator, and a pretty solid draftsman to boot. People love the way you draw, and your designs are clean, professional, and attractive. What you are probably not is probably a classically trained illustrator who specializes in scientific diagrams of flora and fauna in pen and ink or lithograph. It’s a very specific skill This is always in demand. This bundle gives you dozens of fantastic vintage illustrations which are easy to insert into designs to make them better.


Normally that would set you back $ 228 for the 2,400+ artwork (and honestly? Good deal), but for the next few days you can save 93% and get each of them for just $ 17. Sell ​​a t-shirt with a deer skull illustration (for example) and you’ve already got your money back.

> Discover the offer here.

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