September 23, 2021


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Not very fun – Customers from hell


Buyer: Are you able to make it in order that when individuals land on our web site it is, like, all black with stars popping out of the display screen, all whoosh whoosh (the motion) like on this screensaver?


Buyer: With music from Star Wars.


Buyer: And it does that for, like, a minute after which stops and so they must click on on one of many stars.

Me: A star?

Buyer: No. A selected star that they must discover – make it completely different every time.


Buyer: Then once they discover the fortunate star there is sort of a huge explosion whose website spins (does the motion), like within the previous Batman collection.

Me: For your online business website?

Buyer: Sure.

Me: The corporate that cleans the needles utilized by drug addicts in parks and playgrounds?

Buyer: Sure.

Me: No.

Buyer: … Properly, you aren’t a lot fun.

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