September 23, 2021


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I put files in the folders!

When I work with clients abroad I try to be very patient because there is always a possibility of a language or culture gap. This guy was just old.

Me: Here’s everything you asked for!

A week later.

Customer: So here is what I need. [sends an identical list of what I provided him last week]

Me: So just to clarify, are other files not working? Something wrong with that?

Customer: … Hmmm… Let me see.

A few more days.

Customer: Okay, the printer says we need it early next week.

Me: Do they need anything else or will the work in the folder I shared with you do?

Customer: I don’t know which file you are talking about.

I’m sharing the folder so it’s at the top of his inbox.

Customer: Oh, if I click [the folders] there are files in there!

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