Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus criticizes Ubi Franklin for allegedly gossiping about her

Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus criticizes Ubi Franklin for allegedly gossiping about her

Popular Nigerian blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus has criticized music executive Ubi Franklin for allegedly gossiping about her.

She took to his Instagram page to criticize him for gossiping with one of his moms who he declined to mention.

Stella revealed that tomorrow she would post a part two about ten people Ubi was gossiping about.

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Read what he posted below …

“@Ubifranklintriplemg I had to unblock you so you could see this post.

Sounds like you want trouble?

I don’t understand why a man can wake up and decide to be a serial gossip. Why?

In the last two weeks, I’ve heard people swear to keep the secret and not ask me after I tell them what I supposedly said.

Only one is bold enough to say I can tag her, but I won’t.

Did you go talk bad about me with one of your baby moms?

I know you will come here to answer with your troll accounts, but I don’t care.

Get off my back Ubi, haven’t you noticed that many celebrities have woken up and realized that you are their problems?

Have you seen how many people have you? Blocked?

You’re saying what I didn’t say.

I’ll scatter the internet if I say the things you told me about your colleagues, including the chef chi you’re running.

and I know you will lie more when you see this post, but Ubi, guess what?

I’m not your ex who kept quiet oh

I have kept silent on my Instagram account because I changed the page, but people like you just make it impossible.

besides being a serial bastard, asshole, toaster, gossip.

You have added serial liar to cv.

I’m not like those who you promise to ruin their careers and bully them into shut up.

Enough Mr. Franklin.

Choose others to do this.

I’ll do a part two post tomorrow about ten people you gossiped about and then we’ll catch up. ..:


It’s people like you who tell celebrities to be careful with me, but you are the one to be careful with

You are now a self proclaimed Blogger so I await your reply.

Please don’t call my phone! … gossip a la carte “.


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