October 27, 2021


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Ayo Adebanjo: President Buhari wants to stay in power

Ayo Adebanjo: President Buhari wants to stay in power

By Adeleye Adekunle

Afenifere chieftain Ayo Adebanjo has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari is not ready to relinquish power.

He stressed that the Nigerian constitution provides the president with an opportunity for excess authority, supporting that Buhari does not want a revision so as not to reduce power.

Adebanjo, while maintaining his position, reveals that Buhari lacks integrity.

Despite the country being a multi-ethnic society, he condemned the concentration of power.

In his words,

“When I said that man has no integrity, people are fighting me. He does not want to get rid of dictatorial power. I have already said before; Under the current constitution, the president of Nigeria is the most powerful president in the world. Buhari is not ready to grant that power, he just wants us to keep talking until another election. ”

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