December 6, 2021


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Nigerians demand disqualification of Erica for threatening to kill Laycon

Nigerians demand disqualification of Erica for threatening to kill Laycon

Nigerians demand disqualification of Erica for threatening to kill Laycon.

Some fans of the Big Brother reality show Naija have called for Erica to be disqualified for death threats against Laycon during her bust after Saturday night’s week 7 party.

Remember that Erica who already has 2 shots previous offenses have threatened to kill Laycon outside the house. The née Abia stressed that she will make Laycon suffer in her life.

Erica said if it wasn’t for Biggie she would beat Laycon and outside the house she would kill him.

Indeed, she claimed Laycon refused to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she tried to kiss him on multiple occasions, as discussed by Ebuka during the week 6 expulsion in the ‘program.

She also poured water on the head of the house (HoH) bed in order to prevent Prince, who is her deputy, from sharing the living room with her.

Reacting to the incident, some Nigerians on social media urged the show’s organizers to disqualify Erica for death threats that violated house rules by engaging in death threats against Laycon.

Here are some comments collected:

@KOB, “All I know is Erica deserved to be disqualified. Making death threats is like killing the person already, but we know her big brother won’t disqualify her because they are both together.

@Amenstellaz, “Biggie please before disqualifying Erica show her the video of her trying to kiss Laycon so she doesn’t blame the layman for her disqualification.” I blame @Ebuka for everything, he hasn’t tried at all.

@Oridadeofficial_, “After disqualifying Erica, she has to go to the police station to sign a pledge for all the death threats she made on Laycon that night.”

“No, she only drinks Gordons, Ozo got drunk too and fell asleep.” No one should blame alcohol.

@Royalebone, “One thing Erica doesn’t understand is that death threats are the worst kind of threat. Even though Erica said it out of anger towards the layman, any obsessed fan of hers can go on with the shit she said. If Biggie doesn’t disqualify Erica today, then the @BBNaija show is crap.

@Oluwanijfemi, “Erica needs help, she poured water on the bed so Prince doesn’t sleep on it like you can be Petty.” They should disqualify his abeg.

@centiabeauty, “Biggie disqualification !!

If Biggie doesn’t disqualify Erica then I’ll know it’s all a show planned. Erica is no better than the other roommates and strikes shouldn’t be biased. “

@fbeautyyinn, “Two infractions in one night. She used the word vote and second, she threatened her roommate. Biggie, please watch tonight’s episode again after your eye is no longer on Gordon.

@Dbuka_leon, “It’s time for Erica to leave this house, she’s the HOH for this week. This is unacceptable! If Biggie doesn’t disqualify her, that’s bad.

@_itsvibezy, “Biggie should disqualify Erica jeje why is that toxic?” Assistant God saying she will make Laycon suffer in this lifetime (if men were god ehn) She will kill Laycon (death threats) if a man says half of what she did last night.

@pemgmanmodel, “Biggie at this point, if you disqualify Erica, I won’t offend. She just said “Laycon will die, he will kill himself”

Stay tuned for the latest news on Erica BBNaija 2020 roommate.



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