October 27, 2021


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Rumors of a fake roommate (bbnaija 2020)

Rumors of a fake roommate (bbnaija 2020)
Biggie let the Housemates guess who the possible fake Housemate could be in the Lockdown House.

In their diary sessions with Biggie on Friday, some of the roommates learned of a rumor about a possible bogus roommate living among the Lockdown geng at Biggie’s House. While some struggled to believe it, others wereted no time in pointing out who might be the fake guest of the group.

Brighto was the first roommate Biggie asked her question in the diary session and her response was that Lucy could be the fake housewife. Giving her reasons, Brighto said Lucy generally acts fearlessly and confident, even during heated arguments with other roommates. “I think Lucy might be the bogus roommate; I said this because of his attitude in the House. She attacks everyone and she is not afraid of anything when she argues with people, ”he said.

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Then Biggie asked Neo to guess for what seemed like an hour and after much thought Neo couldn’t come up with any names. According to him, he said people once thought he was the bogus roommate, but he’s sure they know he isn’t one now.

He said he had no idea who a possible bogus roommate could be and concluded that anyone must be doing a really good job of keeping it a secret. “Biggie, the sabi person works o,” he said. He kept thinking and wondering who could have been employed to do a great job as a bogus roommate in the Lockdown House and spent most of his journaling session time thinking. We suppose this question may have thrown him off balance, as he never saw it coming.


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