Pat Utomi identifies threats ‘suffocating’ Nigeria’s democracy and legitimacy

Pat Utomi identifies threats 'suffocating' Nigeria's democracy and legitimacy
Pat Utomi identifies threats ‘suffocating’ Nigeria’s democracy and legitimacy

Pat Utomi, head the National Consultative Front, NCfront, highlighted some issues that threaten the legitimacy Nigeria’s democratic order.

Utomi said violence, corruption, a tough economy, dire state education and the health care system are “choking” Nigeria’s democratic order.

In a statement he signed, Utomi warned that if these trends were left unchecked, it could spell the end Nigeria’s legitimacy and democracy.

According to Utomi: “I have noticed some unpleasant trends which, if left unchecked, threaten the legitimacy the Nigerian state and its democratic order.

“Our goal is to stop the slide and restore popular confidence in a democratic way as well as in our institutions, currently stifled by the policy taking the state and erosion power with the consequences that ensue, in particular violence in Nigeria as a whole, which begs the question. the traditional definition of the state as sovereign with a monopoly on the (lawful) use of violence.

“The pervasive culture of corruption, the rift between government and people, as well as state and society, also threatens social order and the legitimacy of the state. A tough economy, even as we near the end of the crude oil era, more state-owned companies fail, and the dire state of education and health care, among a variety of others challenges, are critical issues that require urgent citizen engagement.

“These issues are beyond partisanship, but all pose an existential threat to Nigeria as a nation. Most of feel that in order to solve these problems and save our beloved nation from this pandemic of leadership, all citizens must the problems and act in a way that can solve them.

“However, at the moment, many do not act as citizens for various reasons. Therefore, we believe that the first duty of enlightened leadership is to awaken the citizen.

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