Zuma attacks Ramaphosa for ‘betraying ANC’ in open letter

Zuma attacks Ramaphosa for 'betraying ANC' in open letter


opened huge box of worms on Friday, after writing a scathing open letter to his successor. Msholozi hammered President Cyril Ramaphosa on a number of issues but mainly opposes the letter that the head of state sent this to all ANC members regarding corruption.

What did write about Cyril Ramaphosa?

As you might expect, this has pushed a few ubaba buttons. There was a tacit mistrust between and Cyril Ramaphosa, since the latter took over the former at the head of the ANC – and South Africa – in February 2018. This, however, marks the clearest and most scathing discussion between the two.

  • Zuma blames Ramaphosa for making “ANC issues” a public affair – and wants them discussed in private.
  • Msholozi says Cyril “betrayed the party” for calling its members corrupt.
  • Ramaphosa’s predecessor also criticized the president for failing to abide by Nasrec’s resolutions – Zuma is particularly upset that the Reserve Bank has never been nationalized.

“You betrayed the ANC”

The most scathing part of Zuma’s letter comes halfway, where he suggests that President Ramaphosa accuses the members of committing the same acts of corruption that he and his current ministers are guilty of. JZ calls out, rather loosely, Cyril for his own alleged bad behavior – and he only acts against criminal activity to “ save his own skin. ” Really, this is a remarkable statement:

“To stand up in public and say that the ANC must bury its head in shame is a devastating statement to make. Your letter is a diversion and simply serves as a public relations exercise to save your skin. By accusing the entire ANC of bribery for the acts of a few, you are betraying all the people who came together to create the party in 1912. ”

“It is unforgivable to label our grassroots members as criminals for crimes with which you and those you serve in state structures are accused. Your letter is rather low and disappointing, and it lends credence to the idea that you are working for white monopoly capital.

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