October 27, 2021


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Wizkid vs. Shatta Wale … Who is the greatest artist?

Wizkid vs. Shatta Wale ... Who is the greatest artist?

The streets of Nigerian Twitter are a dangerous and scary place one would never want to face. Nigerians spend all day dragging the president or whoever tickles them. It’s all fun and fun until you – who are not a Nigerian, who don’t live where there is no electricity, where politicians spend millions on a building rather than caring for health, decide to get involved.

What’s even worse is when you decide to attack a national treasure like Wizkid. You are not only criticized by Nigeria as a whole, but by the always angry and iconic Wizkid FC. There is an ongoing war between Ghana and Nigeria and it’s all because of Wizkid.

The conversation started when a fan page stated that Shatta Wale was a bigger artist than Wizkid. This is because Beyonce used the image of Shatta Wale to promote her “The gift albumAnd even released a video with him. As expected, Wizkid FC have come with all their might to slam Ghanaians, and well, some people may have to revisit their use of Twitter before it’s over.

See some of the reactions below:

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