December 6, 2021


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Brymo says Pidgin English should be used as Nigeria’s first language

Brymo says Pidgin English should be used as Nigeria's first language

Nigerian singer Brymo shared his thoughts on what he thinks the language should be Nigeria’s first language.

The singer took to his Twitter page to suggest that Pidgin be used as the country’s official language as it is spoken in all parts of the state. According to him, it is still the English language and the only difference is that it has some lingua. He added that it would be refreshing to see the President address the country in Pidgin instead of English which is his official language.

He wrote: “Make Nigeria pidgin the first language… it’s still English, only it has bits and pieces of the local language – maybe it’s spoken in every state in the country… e go crazy when presido come tv greets say ‘good afternoon my compatriots ”… shiiiiiit !!!! “

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