Trevor Manuel responds to ANC criticism

Trevor Manuel responds to ANC criticism

There has been quite a bit of controversy between the African National Congress (ANC) and former NEC member and Finance Minister Trevor Manuel in recent days.

It all started when Manuel was quoted by News24 as referring to the period in power of the ANC since 1994 as “almost three decades that been wasted”.

The ANC, after reading the article, issued a statement about Manuel’s comments, saying there was no need to paint a “doomed” picture of the country and the media.


On Tuesday August 25, a day after the ANC’s statement, Manuel in an interview with SAFM, said he would not apologize for his comments and referred to 10 lost years instead of 30.

“I won’t apologize for the basic premise which is 10 years lost and we can follow that. Before the 10 lost years and before Polokwane, you can see what happened in the economy, there was growth, there was job creation. The lives of South Africans were improving, but it is not possible to say that and speak of 30 lost years as if there was no contradiction, ”he said.

Manuel also said he was not contacted by the ANC before the statement was released, nor by the journalist who originally wrote the story. Nonetheless, he said he would not apologize for his comments on the 10-year waste, especially during the time of former President Jacob Zuma.

Referring to and controversial redeployment Zandile Gumede, he said there is no way for a politician to perform his duties while being accused of wrongdoing.


In a statement Monday, the ANC urged Manuel not to fall the trap. It said:

“We are painfully aware of an ongoing our movement which is desperately choreographed across various social media platforms and urge Manuel not to fall this trap,” he said.

The said taken at value, Manuel’s statements could vaguely imply that the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality began in 1994.

The said they attributed the economic challenges and social diseases facing South Africa today.

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