BBNaija 2020: Fani-Kayode under fire for attacking young Nigerians

BBNaija 2020: Fani-Kayode under fire for attacking young Nigerians
BBNaija 2020: Fani-Kayode under fire for attacking young Nigerians

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, has been attacked for calling out to young Nigerians who “prioritize the reality show Big Brother Naija and not politics.”

The PDP leader, in a tweet on Monday, accused young Nigerians of paying attention to entertainment while their age mates reclaim their country in Mali.

He pointed out that a 25-year-old Malian led the coup that overthrew Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, while 30-year-old Nigerians campaigned for Big Brother Naija’s roommates.

Fani-Kayode said: “A 25-year-old man in Mali led the coup that took back their nation. 30 year old in Nigeria watching BBNaija, shouting Laycon my man.

in reaction, some Nigerians on social media questioned why the politician’s children who are young had yet to carry out a coup country. Others accused Fani-Kayode of being among the politicians who took away the hope and aspiration of young people in Nigeria.

Here are some comments prepared by Ontopnaija.

@VibesInMaHead, “You politicians have taken away the same systems you enjoyed when you were young, you make it harder for young Nigerians to succeed. Every day this country crumbles because of people like you, you have the audacity to come here and talk about what young people are doing ”.

@EngrOluwatoyin, “The 25-year-old men who led the coup during military rule are the cause of the mess we are to this day.”

@kennyoamusan, “What an insult, let your kids lead the coup, and we will follow suit.” Are their children there and want others to die? What have you accomplished as a minister? You worked with GEJ and sat on many boards of directors, what did you achieve?

@BennyKofoworola, “Small peaceful protest, police van pulling everywhere. If you die, you die. If the police catch you, you will end up in a cell. Tell me sir, what’s the best solution between staying in your house and watching big brother or putting your life on the line?

@tracy_ossai, “How many coups have you led in your time, sir?” Please enlighten us, so that we can follow in your footsteps. ”

@powerplaybok, “ you have kids; maybe some of them are not up to 30? Let them begin. You are leading the way. We, the underprivileged, will follow you. At least you know that # bbnajia2020 #laycon exists now. I’m also sure if you had thought of it that way you wouldn’t have posted this pity. ”

@ Emalope2. “You are damn right sir, ‘really pitiful’. isn’t that what all politicians want Nigerian youth? You took away their hope, their aspiration, their future. You mortgaged their lives with your interests Selfish. if you want a coup, you will surely get it very soon.

@MagdaEyoma, ”Sir, please be specific. Are you asking people to plan a coup? Second, what did you do to save the nation when you were in your thirties? I expect a solid response to the points made by people comments section. ”

@EmmyBlackky, @ Until we leave this slanderous campaign against BBNaija, we will never realize that the program has nothing to do with our underdevelopment. BBNaija comes and goes, so we’ll see if these 30-year-olds are less busy plotting a coup against their leaders.

@HeroOmodehin, “Baba don’t force us to dwell on your past history. You have children aged 25 to 30; how many have they led? In your time, when you were 25 or 30, what struggles did you have for the betterment of Nigeria? ”

@OTUNBA_TIZ ”, Assimi Goita is 37 years old. Second, he is a Malian military officer. He received training United States, France and Germany. And finally, I don’t think it’s fair to motivate a poor 30-year-old civilian to launch a coup. Nigeria does not need a coup.

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