Northwestern police shut down illegal nightclub


It looks like irresponsibility is spreading as quickly as COVID-19 these days: revelers from Jouberton, in the northwest, were sent to pack their bags on Wednesday evening, after attending an event at a nightclub . However, broke a long list of foreclosure regulations in the process..

The Jouberton party flouts the lockdown

SAPS has called in to disperse the rally, after incriminating images were uploaded online. The videos, which dozens of people dancing like the coronavirus is not watching, has spread like wildfire on social media. Event organizers and customers violated several restrictions, including:

  • Break the curfew, which is in effect between 10 p.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Organize a gathering of over 50 people in one place.
  • Opening of a nightclub, despite specific rules against these places.
  • No application of social distancing or wearing a mask.

Watch: Huge nightclub rally sparks concern in Northwest

A brief statement was made by the police, who confirmed the details of these offenses:

“North West Police acted quickly on a video circulating on social media showing what looks like more than 50 customers breaking lockdown rules at a nightclub in Jouberton, North West Province on Wednesday.

Northwest SAPS

North-West Numpties Cause Headaches For SAPS

Indeed, alcohol-themed crime was in the air for residents of the Northwest this week. SAPS has also ended a racket against alcohol fraud in the province. The failed to bribe the police officers who made the arrest.

“During an operation which included the execution of a search warrant, a pistol and 371 9mm ammunition were found in the house. In addition, alcohol labels and various brands of suspected counterfeit alcohol worth 380,000 Rand were confiscated. ”

“The who could not justify the possession and alcohol labels, tried to bribe a policeman by offering him 6,000.00 R. However, he was charged with bribery. The investigation into the matter is continuing. “



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