October 27, 2021


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Yobe’s rescued monarch recounts his experience at the hands of kidnappers


Alhaji Isah Mai Buba, the head of Mashio district in the Fune local government area of ​​Yobe state, who was abducted by strangers last Saturday and regained his freedom on Tuesday morning, described what happened to him as an act of Allah.

Mai Buba told Damaturu about this when recounting her bad experience at the hands of her captors.

“The kidnappers roamed the bush with me all night until I was rescued on Tuesday morning.

“They didn’t touch me or do anything to me. They wandered with me in the bush. They were seven of them, ”recalls the monarch.

According to him, the sad event never happened in his community and prayed that it would be the last.

As to whether he had offended or argued with someone recently, which could be the reason for his abdication, said: “I don’t know who I offended. This thing is from Allah and I take it this way.

He also revealed that the thugs, numbering seven, spoke the Fulani and Hausa languages ​​and did not mistreat or speak to him during the traumatic hours he spent with them in the bush.

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