October 17, 2021


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Kwara Hosts WAEC Exam for 16-Year-Old SS3 COVID-19 Patient

Kwara Hosts WAEC Exam for 16-Year-Old SS3 COVID-19 Patient


A 16-year-old student infected with COVID-19 is taking her high school certificate exams at the Kwara State Isolation Center for Infectious Diseases in Ilorin.

A state government official revealed it to Ilorin on Wednesday.

Ontopnaija reports that the student (names withheld) to avoid stigma, reportedly wrote her agricultural science article under the close supervision of a WAEC official.

Dr Kudirat Oladiji-Lambe, team leader, head of the case management team, Kwara Covid-19 infectious disease center, told reporters in Ilorin that “the candidate is asymptotic, stable and able to pass exams.

She said: “The person in question is one of the final year high school students who registered for the current West African Secondary School Certificate exams and is in the process of taking her exam.

“She is asymptomatic, which means she has no symptoms and is stable. She’s just here to observe her two week isolation process, ”said Dr Oladiji-Lambe.

According to her, “We have certified that she is both mentally and physically fit to take her exams.

“She was in close contact with one of her close relatives who tested positive and it was through contact tracing that she was found positive.

“The candidate was admitted yesterday (Tuesday). She missed an article yesterday and we informed the authorities, because as children’s advocates, once she registered with WAEC, the government felt that she had the right to write her papers.

“That is why the state government has deemed it wise to make arrangements for her so that she does not miss other newspapers,” said Dr Oladiji-Lambe.

She explained that the state government saw fit to ensure that she had a safe place to take exams without fear of stigma or risk to others.

Currently, there are 906 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 186 are active cases.

Six hundred and eighty-seven cases have been managed and released, with 23 deaths recorded to date since the virus outbreak in the state.

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