EFF’s Shivambu sparks debate on BLM

EFF's Shivambu sparks debate on BLM


Floyd Shivambu was a man on a mission on Tuesday after speaking during the parliamentary debate on Lives Matter (BLM). The combative EFF vice-president gave an impassioned speech on racism, but some of his comments are likely to cause blood pressure to rise in some South Africans.

Shivambu launches the defense of Lives Matter

While defending the message and movement behind Lives Matter, Shivambu has turned his anger towards those who feel there is a “racist element” behind BLM. Of course, he also didn’t waste the opportunity to dig into capitalist structures while he was booming.

  • Shivambu told parliament that “there is no such thing as domination or anti-white racism” in the world.
  • He said some people confused the call for equality with “a demand for oppression.”
  • Its “capitalism exists because slavery helped create it,” arguably the hottest of the bunch.

FEP MP explains why “blacks cannot be racist”

Shivambu refocused his argument on those who feel “oppressed” by the Lives Matter campaign. He claims that no person can be considered racist – whatever their opinion – because “white supremacist systems have left many people discouraged.” You probably won’t be the last to hear about this statement …

“For historical and current reality, of course, blacks will be discouraged towards whites – but that doesn’t make blacks racist. There is no person who can be racist because they can never think that they are superior to any other race since they are put down by the white supremacist system.

“Those who speak out and work against white supremacy, the nonsense of white privilege, and those who speak out against racist protests, are not racists. Racism is the continued police brutality against blacks in many parts of the world. Racism is the massive inequalities that exist between white and citizens. ”

Floyd shivambu


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