October 27, 2021


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Death toll rises to nine as victim dies in hospital

Death toll rises to nine as victim dies in hospital


Nine people tragically lost their lives in what is now known as the Kalahari fire. On Sunday August 16, Witdraai police in the North Cape opened an investigation file into the deaths of seven people after a vacation apartment burnt in the wee hours of the morning. Just two days later, the death toll increased by two.


On Tuesday August 18, Frans Davin, 36, admitted to a Cape Town hospital with severe burns, succumbed to his injuries. He became the latest victim of the Kalahari fire.

“His death was confirmed this morning. This brings the number of people who have died to nine, ”Brigadier Mohale Ramatseba said.

“Meanwhile, the forensic investigator of the fires and forensic anthropologists are expected to deal with the scene soon,” he added.

Following the horrific Kalahari fire, police said a child was missing. On Monday, August 17, members of the search and rescue services of the police, members of the K9 and the local police force recovered bones from the debris.

“It cannot be confirmed at this point whether the remains are of the missing child. Forensic investigators and forensic anthropologists are expected to deal with the scene. The identification will be confirmed as soon as the experts have completed their investigations, ”Ramatseba said.


On Monday, police said eight people had died in the Kalahari blaze. It was before the death of Frans Davin. During the update, police said the eight consisted of five children and three adults.

Ramatseba said only three survived without any injuries.

“The number of people who have died in a blaze that broke out at a guesthouse in Witdraai has risen to eight. The eighth victim died of burns in a Cape Town hospital, ”Ramatseba said.

The names of the deceased have been updated and published as follows;

  • Henry Carstens, man of 37;
  • Stefan Bauer, 39;
  • Elre Bauer 4 year old male;
  • Frans Davin, a five year old boy;
  • Eliza Davin, 3 years old;
  • Dane Carstens, 36-year-old male;
  • Magiel Carstens – a three year old boy;
  • Pierre Carstens, boy of five;
  • Frans Davin, 36 year old male

The missing child is Inge Bauer, barely seven years old. Police have yet to confirm whether the bones are Bauer’s.

The survivors are:

  • Wilmien Davin, 37;
  • Madeline Bauer, 36; and
  • Ben Davin, a one year old boy.


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