Level 2: Here’s where you can – and can’t

Level 2 lockdown officially goes into effect on Tuesday, and some South Africans will count tonight. Alcohol is coming back, cigarettes are back on the shelves, and interprovincial travel is back on the map. Restrictions on places for citizens to socialize have also been relaxed.

Final Level 2: Can I visit family and friends at their home?

The main advantage of moving to level 2 is that home visits from family and friends are allowed again. But be warned, the maximum number of people allowed to gather in a residence is 10. Weddings can now take place, with a limit of 50 people present. Gyms, public swimming pools and bars also open.

There are a lot of new developments to consider. So we figured we were going to take all the information about the social collection of this information from the latest Government Gazette and share it in the table below. making up for lost time is on your agenda this week, just make sure your meetings comply with level 2 laws …

Where can South Africans meet, greet and socialize?

All information is taken from the Official Journal of the Government, published on Monday August 17. Level 2 changes will be applied from 12:01 am on Tuesday August 18.

Activities and places Maximum number of people Other Notes
Attend a religious event 50 This number may drop even lower in smaller venues
Go to a funeral 50 Police urged citizens to tone down events “after tears”
Join a conference or meeting 50 in person, unlimited online These meetings be strictly for business purposes
Take a trip to the cinema 50 people by cinema Tickets for screenings must be sold online only
Theaters, concerts, shows 50 More guidelines are expected to be released this week
Go to the casino Only 50% of the floor space can be occupied Customers stay 1.5 meters from each other
Visit an auction 50 Conditions depend on a place’s ability to socially distance itself
Participate in sports Only essential playing staff / coaches can
assist, as well as the media, club employees and medical staff
No spectator can attend and no international match is allowed
Be part of a wedding 50 in total (not 50 guests) This maximum number includes the bride and groom
Home visits with family or friends ten Everyone must socially move away, inside or out
Fitness centers and gymnasiums 50 Virgin Active is closed until week
Swimming in public pools 50 N / A
Outdoor recreation places Individual groups of 10 people or less Beaches, parks, sports fields and sculpture sites are now
Indoor recreational spaces Individual groups of 10 people or less Museums, galleries, libraries and archives are now
Personal care facilities Miscellaneous: Reservations by appointment only Barbers, beauty salons, tattoo studios and nail bars remain
Wines and meals Maximum of 50 people allowed in pubs, bars, restaurants These places will be allowed to serve alcohol until 10 p.m.
Visit of hotels, guesthouses, etc. 50% of all available floor space All customers and staff stay within 1.5 meters of each other

Level 2 Laws: Where South Africans Cannot Meet

Meanwhile, the new guidelines still prohibit people from attending the following places, gatherings or events:

  • Any event involving 51 or more people is prohibited.
  • Nightclubs will remain closed during level 2.
  • Initiation practices and schools were banned during this state of disaster – no “traditional doctor” can perform circumcisions.
  • Visits to correctional centers, pre-trial detention centers, police holding cells, military detention centers, retirement homes or other health establishments are prohibited.
  • Passenger ships and cruises are prohibited and citizens cannot cross international borders without permits or exemptions.
  • As mentioned earlier, no one can come together to watch a sports match as a fan, spectator or supporter.
  • More department-specific restrictions are expected to be outlined in the coming days.


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