October 27, 2021


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Huge ‘demonstration against farm killings’ blocks roads in Limpopo

Huge 'demonstration against farm killings' blocks roads in Limpopo


The rural community of Gatvol in Limpopo took a very public stance on Tuesday, following reports from another murder on the farm in South Africa. Alwyn van Zyl was 78 when he was murdered by armed thieves last week, sparking large-scale protests. The suspects are due to appear in court near Naboomspruit at some point today.

South Africa’s farm killings trigger ‘slowdown’ protests

Amazing aerial images and snapshots show the true scale of this demonstration. An organized “slowdown” – where traffic is deliberately slowed down by vehicles blocking the roads and crawling at a long snail pace – has caused queues for miles. Heavy agricultural vehicles, from harvesters to tractors, have also been deployed:

Limpopo farming community fights back

The go-slow approaches the Magistrates’ Court where the suspects in the Alwyn van Zyl case will be formally dealt with on Tuesday. There has been an escalation in killings and farm attacks in 2020, despite months of forced lockdowns and a stronger police presence on the streets.

Rural crime, however, continues to rampage. Farmers of all stripes and creeds, including workers and landowners, were victims of these brutal attacks. Today, the agricultural industry refuses to remain silent on the issue:

Watch: Protests against farm killings engulf roads in Limpopo


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