October 17, 2021


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South Africa will not submit a bid for the 2027 or 2031 Rugby World Cup

Reports from this weekend suggest that SA Rugby will not submit a bid to host South Africa to host the 2027 or 2031 Rugby World Cups.

South Africa will not present a bid for the next Rugby World Cups

World Rugby announced this week that there would be a double announcement of tournament hosts in 2022, with auctions now open.

South Africa made an offer for the 2023 Rugby World Cup but narrowly lost to France despite the choice of the technical team that evaluated the proposals.

SA Cash-strapped Rugby will not submit

According to Report, SA Rugby is no longer able to find the necessary funding to host the world tournament.

SA Rugby has reportedly suggested that without considerable government support, hosting the event would be impossible.

“The government will not currently be able to secure the R2 billion guarantee, which was last demanded by World Rugby,” a source said. Report.

“Not now with the state of the economy, and especially not with what it will look like after the Covid-19 pandemic,”

SA Rugby launched and submitted offers to host the 2011, 2015 and 2019 tournaments and failed on all occasions. South Africa has already hosted the RWC once in 1995, which was also the first time the Springboks attended.

The tournament has been hosted in the UK on four occasions, including a joint bid with France in 2007. New Zealand hosted the inaugural World Cup in 1987 with a few matches in Brisbane and Sydney in Australia and they hosted the 2011 tournament alone. Australia were the sole host in 2003 and are considered the favorites to win the 2027 bid.

Four Rugby World Cups have been held in a single country, the first in South Africa in 1995, followed by the 2003 event, the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand and the most recent tournament in Japan in 2019. The 2015 World Cup took place in one. Sovereign state but organized with the help of two unions in Wales and the main host England.

France hosted the 2007 World Cup with the help of local unions, but in 2023 it is understood that all matches will take place at French venues.

SA Rugby has not made an official announcement stating that it will not submit, leaving the door open to a change of mind.

History of the organization of the Rugby World Cup

1987 – New Zealand (Australia secondary co-hosts)

1991 – England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

1995 – South Africa

1999 – Wales (France, England, Scotland, Ireland secondary co-hosts)

2003 – Australia

2007 – France (secondary co-hosts from Wales and Scotland)

2011 – New Zealand

2015 – England (secondary co-hosts Wales)

2019 – Japan


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