October 27, 2021


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Man changes roles of thieves, kills two

Man changes roles of thieves, kills two


Two thieves caught in the middle of a supposed home invasion were gunned down by an occupant of the property earlier Wednesday, triggering an emergency response from neighboring security teams in Durban.

Home invasion in Durban: tables ignite thieves

It is believed that the owner of the house encountered a group of men and reacted quickly when he saw the danger. A shootout ensued between the two sides, but the target was able to retaliate – albeit at the expense of two lives. Police are currently investigating the circumstances of the heartbreaking incident:

  • A multiple shot took place on Grace Avenue in Westville, Durban at 6:45 am Wednesday morning.
  • Two suspects were shot dead, one is “critical” in the hospital and the other managed to escape.
  • The gang was discovered on the property by the owner, who then drew his gun and opened fire.
  • Charges of robbery, attempted murder and an investigation have been opened at the Westville Police Station for investigation.

First responders publish more details

Garrith Jamieson is a representative of Redline Response Paramedics Durban. He confirmed that the two deceased were pronounced dead at the scene and paramedics were unable to revive them. The patient rushed to hospital is fighting for his life, after receiving “multiple gunshot wounds” during the robbery that went wrong.

“Upon arrival, paramedics discovered that three patients, all male, had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Sadly, two men had suffered fatal injuries and paramedics could do nothing more for them and they were pronounced dead at the scene.

“A man from Durban has suffered multiple gunshot wounds and is in critical condition. He is stabilized by paramedics and transferred to the hospital under police custody for the additional care he needs.

Redline’s response to the Durban home invasion


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