October 27, 2021


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El-Rufai reveals perpetrators of violence in Kaduna

El-Rufai reveals perpetrators of violence in Kaduna


Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai accused some clergymen of inciting violence in the state.

El-Rufai said the clerics are using their platforms to preach disunity rather than peace, which would benefit the state.

He spoke yesterday at the State Government House while welcoming the Primate of the Anglican Church, Henry Ndukuba.

The governor, however, insisted that his administration was able to contain the violence at its point of origin.

He also revealed that his administration was doing its best to find a solution to the violence in Kaduna.

According to El-Rufai: “Our study of the situation over four decades has shown that the main drivers of this violence are a few clerics who use their platforms, not to preach peaceful coexistence or promote our common humanity.

“Rather, they are using their platforms and revered positions to divide and incite violence. I was sad to learn from the primate he was victimized in 1987 when his house was set on fire in Wusasa, Zaria.

“At that time, the primate will remember that this type of violence starts from one part of the state and spreads throughout the state.

“One credit this government gets from everyone, including our adversaries, has been our ability to contain these epidemics to their point of origin.

Kaduna State has witnessed some measure of violent conflict, with the southern part of the state most affected.

It was only recently that armed men believed to be Fulani shepherds invaded communities in southern Kaduna and killed more than 20 people while several others were injured.

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