When are SA’s “prohibited activities” likely to return?

When are SA's “prohibited activities” likely to return?


Level 2 is our next lockdown phase. However, given how fluid our situation is, it could be here in a few days, weeks, or months: the government is considering easing a number of restrictions this week, but as usual, it is keeping a low profile on what’s going to happen. exactly change. by the weekend.

Last lockdown – what’s going to happen this week?

It is difficult to determine if level 2 is on the cards. But Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has confirmed South Africa is in the process of relaxing some rules, rather than taking a step back. This means that a few “prohibited activities” are likely to a comeback this month – but many will remain prohibited.

Between now and Ramaphosa’s next speech to the nation, extreme speculation is circling. So we thought it would be useful to publish a list of the most likely scenarios for each step of the lockdown ladder …

What changes at level 2… and beyond?

Use of from government coronavirus orientation page and recent shared by the Cabinet, we can determine when individual aspects will be allowed to “ to normal”. This is by no means the complete list of each lockdown step, but these are the most likely outcomes at this time.

Likely Steps This Week Planned
Level 2
Intended for level 1 Only after locking Unspecified
Lifting of the curfew Restrictions on interprovincial travel will be removed during the next locking phase You can fly within the country: the aviation market will open up more Attending sports matches as a spectator or going to a concert is prohibited during levels 1 to 5 Booze: The alcohol ban has no specific deadline
Tourist attractions can get the green light to open Most restrictions on retail, manufacturing, real estate, trade and construction will be lifted Sea transport allowed – boat trips, cruises are green light Bars, taverns and nightlife are closed indefinitely and will only reopen after lockdown The tobacco: End of cigraette ban could be decided by the courts rather than the government
We will get a renewal of state disaster laws – they will expire on August 15 Gyms and fitness centers are in pencil for a to this stage Parliament can meet in larger groups, which means fewer Zoom meetings for politicians You can fly overseas, but during all stages of the lockdown, the borders will be closed to the general public for the foreseeable future Normal life: It’s unclear when laws on wearing masks, social distancing, workplace restrictions and visits will be relaxed



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