October 17, 2021


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“ The DA has a mouthful of salaries ”

`` The DA has a mouthful of salaries ''


Civil Service Minister Senzo Mchunu issued a fierce response to criticism made in its own way by the DA earlier this week, saying the opposition party has been hypocritical in its views. The Blues had criticized the ANC government for paying their salaries to civil servants in full, without using the UIF / TERS system.

The ANC responds to criticism of the wage bill

These officials – made up of well-known executives and state employees – had their salaries not affected at all during the pandemic, sparking a war of words between the parties. However, Mchunu moved quickly to tell the attorney general that “those who live in glass houses should avoid throwing stones” – as their MPs have also benefited from uninterrupted salary payments:

“Civil servants play a vital role in ensuring an effective response to the pandemic. Reducing their wages would have had a negative effect on service delivery. Members of Parliament were suspended during the lockdown, and during that three-week period all MPs were fully paid, including those in the AD.

“They make these claims with a mouthful of wages. This pandemic is a global phenomenon and has led many countries to impose the lockdown. But the reality to be faced is that public servants, elected and appointed, have the privilege of receiving full wages even when other workers have lost their livelihood. “

DA at the counter – “Why does the government not trust TERS?”

The DA is already disputing this response, and Leon Schreiber – the shadow minister who initially raised the complaint over the R11 billion wage bill – has launched a counterweight against his ANC rival, calling Mchunu’s statement “without classy and disjointed ”. The gloves are gone this afternoon …

“This is classless and rambling nonsense on the part of Minister Mchunu. More than three million private workers have lost their jobs due to a brutal foreclosure, but Mchunu defends taxpayer money used to pay 84,000 public servants not to work. If the government had confidence in the system, why not make its own officials depend on the TERS? ”

Leon Schreiber

Hunting in a pack, the phantom minister of commerce of the AD also weighed on this public war of words:

“Minister Senzo Mchunu justifies paying R11 billion to officials for doing nothing during the lockdown, when more than three million people have lost their jobs. It is unreal and out of touch.


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