October 17, 2021


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Interprovincial travel ‘may be re-authorized’

Interprovincial travel 'may be re-authorized'


A new campaign to raise restrictions on interprovincial travel was launched on Monday, as the DA tries to open up the tourism sector and save “over a million jobs”. They created a petition calling for accommodation and tourist attractions to be allowed to operate again.

How the tourism industry was battered by the lockdown

Tourism is one of the worst affected economic areas, and the COVID-19 pandemic has completely crippled all trade-related activities. Intraprovincial breaks only got the green light at the end of July, but that will not be enough for many companies who are desperately trying to survive. The campaign seeks to make interprovincial travel legal again, in order to revive this injured trade:

  • It is estimated that the tourism industry loses 748 million rand every day due to lockdown.
  • The DA says 1.2 million jobs are currently at stake.
  • The party is campaigning for guesthouses, AirBnBs, lodges and hotels to reopen their doors
  • They also want the hunting industry to reopen and demand the right to “free interprovincial travel.”

The way back to interprovincial travel

Manny de Freitas is the shadow tourism minister. He confirmed that once their petition gets enough signatures, the DA will take the campaign to Parliament. They hope to force the government to reopen parts of the economy, and if they succeed, interprovincial travel and tourism activities would both receive a much-needed boost:

“Today we are launching a petition calling on the government to allow South Africans to travel to any province they choose and be allowed to stay at any resort, lodge or any other type of accommodation while being allowed to take advantage of all the activities on offer in one of the tourist and hotel establishments. ”

“Many successful businesses have been decimated and thousands of jobs have been lost. South Africans are encouraged to sign and distribute the petition as widely as possible. It will then be handed over to Parliament when the Development Agenda calls for demands to be met, saving livelihoods as well as lives.

Manny de Freitas



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