Buhari did well for Ndigbo than any government in the past – Southeast Group

Buhari did well for Ndigbo than any government in the past - Southeast Group


A socio- group, South East Supports Groups (SESG), said the gains recorded so far by the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari, especially in the South East area, have replaced those of past administrations since. Nigeria’s takeover of democratic government.

The group postulated that the president demonstrated love for the region by appointing Ndigbo’s sons and daughters to senior federal positions.

He therefore called on the Igbo sons and daughters to support the President and the Nigerian military for the many roles they had played for the security, peace and development of the geopolitical area of ​​the South East.

The South East Support Groups, SESG, made its position known in a statement signed by its national president, Emmanuel Ojukwu, and made available to ONTOPNAIJA on Monday.

The group’s position came on the heels of notions in many neighborhoods in the geopolitical area of ​​southeastern Nigeria about the region’s alleged marginalization in infrastructure provision by the current federal government led by President Buhari.

The Igbo organization claimed that the South East region is the main beneficiary of the Nigerian military’s new initiatives on corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects in the areas of water, roads and utilities. free health.

He reiterated that the Nigerian army, led by Lieutenant General Tukur Bauratai, has presented itself as not only one of the most visible federal government presences in the South East, but that it has, thanks to its numerous initiatives and projects of corporate social responsibility, contributed enormously to the intensification of development in the South-East region.

However, the statement from the Southeastern group said in part, “Each of us knows that no race or bickers forever with neighbors. Over the past decades, we have been antagonistic, hostile and opposed to other tribes in Nigeria to assert or voice what we as marginalization and injustice to the South East region.

“Whether the truth be boldly told, Nigeria’s system and its reward mechanism unwittingly subscribes to the patronage of regions or areas or people who actively supported a leader during the electoral process or when inducting a leader. We have lived with this culture for ages.

“The Igbo nation has no choice but to embrace a leader with a good heart like President Buhari who has always shown us friendship and true love as an impartial leader. He showed us that a true leader has no enemy or enemy, but serves everyone without discrimination.

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