December 6, 2021


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You also can’t escape death – Obasanjo under fire for comments about Kashamu’s death

You also can't escape death - Obasanjo under fire for comments about Kashamu's death


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has come under fire for the condolence letter he wrote to mourn the late former East Ogun Senator Buruji Kashamu.

In the letter which went viral, Obasanjo claimed that Kashamu used the maneuver of law and politics to evade justice for an alleged criminal offense inside and outside Nigeria.

According to Obasanjo, Kashamu could not escape death because no legal or political maneuver could stop the cold hand of death.

But Obasanjo’s comment appears to have angered many Nigerians, who attacked him on social media, telling him that he also cannot escape death.

Nigerians called the octogenarian, accusing him of showing hatred towards the dead.

Many believed that Obasanjo should not have said these words about the dead, because everyone will die one day, no matter how long.

See some of the comments below:

Muhd Sani: “Even those who face justice die, you have only one score to settle with the deceased, Baba, but it is better not to say anything since the man is no more.”

Bonaventure Chidozie: “Obasanjo also avoids justice by using the same techniques, but he will not escape death.”

Tope Fadahunsi: “This baba came back to speak like he was a saint. Corruption of members of the National Assembly to influence a satanic third-term agenda was also corruption. Small man!

Frank Uwagbor: “Really, I thought obj didn’t send these condolences the first time I read it. Kai, even in obj death, could not forgive him.

Bukie Adefe: “I’m sorry, why is it that we still find heartless people among our elders who have also lost value for Yoruba culture. I am not a politician nor related to the departed soul, but the statement is misplaced.

Folarin Okeowo: “Baba, no matter how you laugh at Buruji in death, remember that today is just one less of the days you have left. You are not going to be here forever, like all of us. Death is inevitable sir.

Sunky Dayo: “Baba OBJ, no one passes holy. Even your hands are not 100% clean. Anyone can avoid justice, but no one can escape death. It is written that we all live and die one day. RIP buruji ”

Sambo Dare: “Likewise, he will not escape death and the ultimate judge on the day of judgment.”

Khadijat Obaro: “Imagine a leader and a theology student? He can do better. Our people have said that you cannot be someone’s enemy in sickness and death. Baba should have controlled his anger.

Elukpo Salih: “Yes no, Kashuamu bullied Obasanjo and Agagu in Ogun, so Obasanjo could say the worst. He couldn’t stand the humiliation he had received from Kashamu. So the best time Obasanjo could fight him is now that he’s gone. Serious cowardice.

Muhammad Dungus: “If he said that, then he must have gone to the extreme of being cruel to the dead. Judge no evil against the dead for they have reached their final destination. It would be totally unfair if indeed an elderly man like Obasanjo could make such reckless comments about a deceased person.

Jude Uchenna: “In the final analysis, no one will escape death. It’s just turn by turn. ”

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