October 27, 2021


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Burna Boy’s album “Twice As Tall”, produced exclusively by P. Diddy and Timbaland, will be released on 14 “ontopnaija

Burna Boy's album "Twice As Tall", produced exclusively by P. Diddy and Timbaland, will be released on 14 "ontopnaija

Burna Boy has announced the release date for his upcoming album, “Twice as Tall” and revealed that American Icons, P. Diddy and Timbaland have produced songs on the album.

Taking to his social media pages, the singer announced that the project would be scrapped on August 14, 2020. According to a New York Times report, Burna Boy has enlisted US executive producer Sean Combs, aka Diddy, who has long guided the rappers and singers (notably the Notorious BIG and Mary J. Blige) to a larger audience.

Diddy, who told the magazine why he agreed to be on the album, said: “I admit that I love hit records. If they don’t break records, I don’t like them. A lot of times when an artist wants to be coached or pushed to maybe a higher level, that’s where I come in. “” He, like any artist, wants his music to be heard by the world. He doesn’t care to cross. You know, he’s not trying to get hot. He’s not like “I wanna be a big pop star” – he’s a star already. He wants his music to be heard, his message, his people.

It was also revealed that most of the album was recorded during the pandemic, and Burna Boy and Diddy collaborated on an eight-hour jet lag via frequent Zoom calls and file transfers. Diddy made musical contributions, including Anderson drums. Paak on songs, “Alarm clock“And an additional production of Timbaland on another”Wetin Dey Sup“.

Diddy also makes his presence audible with voiceover intros on some songs, briefly featuring Burna Boy. But he said the music was about 80 percent complete, including all of the song’s composition before he was tricked into providing her with “new ears” and her eye for detail. The album, he added, is “a modern African work but pure and shameless”.

Diddy also spoke about the importance of the album. “Through this album, I think it is important that Africa is heard. And so it’s bigger than a simple album. He’s not just traveling as a musical artist. He is a revolutionary. His condemnation is serious.

“Twice as Tall,” which turns out to have 15 songs, sees Burna Boy take stock of his accomplishments and vulnerabilities, and he encourages ambition and persistence against all odds; he also celebrates. And it attacks racism, exploitation and common misconceptions about Africa.

Burna Boy also features Chris Martin of the popular music group, Coldplay on a song called “The monsters you created. ”

Burna Boy also revealed how he writes his song. “I’ve never taken a pen and paper to write a song in my life, “he said. “It all just comes off, like someone is standing there telling me what to say.” Everything is according to the spirits. Some of us are put on this earth to do what we do.“The album presents the works of his longtime collaborators and producers, LeriqQ, Telz, P2J, JAE5, Rexxie among others.

“Burna Boy’s album” Twice As Tall “, produced exclusively by P. Diddy and Timbaland, will be released on 14”, 5 out of 5 based on 3 not

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