October 17, 2021


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Blackface to Release Official Music Video for “African Queen”

Blackface to Release Official Music Video for "African Queen"

Nigerian singer and former member of now-deceased boy Plantashun Boiz, Blackface to drop visuals for ‘African Queen’

Since the breakup of ‘Plantashun Boiz’, Blackface and 2baba had been engaged in of the longest feuds the Nigerian music industry has ever seen. Blackface had accused his elder for several of stealing his song ‘african queen“. Blackface had said he gave 2baba the right to sing the song but that he was never credited as a writer his label.

He also claimed he had not been recognized the track which has earned 2baba several awards and recognitions since its release in 2004. From allegations of copyright theft to allegations of stopping his music career, Blackface still has a few things to say about the singer.

Even after dropping their differences in court, Blackface ditched his version of the hit song where he retained elements of the original version, like lyrics, chorus, verses, and beat. Addressing his Instagram page a few hours ago, the singer revealed that the visual is almost complete and will be released soon.

Watch an excerpt from the video below:


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