October 27, 2021


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US-based music icon, Derrick Ashong launches “Take Back The Mic” to promote African talent “ontopnaija

US-based music icon, Derrick Ashong launches "Take Back The Mic"

US-based music icon, Derrick Ashong is launching Take Back The Mic to promote African talent.

Global – Founder and CEO of AMP Global Technologies, Derrick N. Ashong built a platform that empowers people, through a digital “ecosystem” that empowers content creators to own their own narrative and connect directly with fans around the world. Constantly breaking down barriers and redefining his own paradigm, Derrick founded AMP Global and developed a platform called Take Back The Mic (TBTM).

TBTM empowers consumers, who are the true curators of culture, to determine what’s “hot” by measuring and rewarding their engagement with content from emerging artists, something no other platform does today. In October, Derrick Ashong’s TBTM will launch The Mic: Africa – a cross-platform TV series that connects African music, arts and culture to diaspora fans around the world.

Born in Accra, Ghana, Derrick grew up around the world, excelled academically, and continued his education at Harvard University. Flourishing there as an intellectual and artist, Derrick would go on to become an Emmy-nominated host and television producer, a Hollywood actor, and a Billboard-recognized hip-hop songwriter.

He has proven himself to be a maverick in producing interactive cross-platform content for a global audience. As the descendants of the African continent rise up around the world to pick up the microphone, The Mic: Africa will spark a movement that will influence the world’s cultural trajectory.

The campaign for competing artists has started, with over 1000 registrations to date. This will undoubtedly bring some of Africa’s best talent into the global space. Interested artist should visit www.takebackthemic.com for investigation and registration.


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