October 27, 2021


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latest Inequality is institutionalized violence

latest Inequality is institutionalized violence

Inequality is institutionalized violence


John von Smith one of the greatest ideologues of neolibera, in a conference given in chicago Chile pointed out that “it was the evolution of property, of contracts, of freedom, with respect to what belongs to each one, which became the base of civilization ”. (…) “All new developments are due to what we can call“ individualism ”or the escape of some to the obligation to share”. (…) “It was recognized as a matter of law that each individual had their private domains that they could use to achieve their own purposes.” (“The ethical foundations of a free society”, in “studios Públic” No. 5, feb1980, p. 70).

This is how it can be explained that the prevailing system in Chilean society and in a large part of the The world is based on violence and death, both incorporated into institutions, condemning people to insatiable greed and to the most inhuman forms of cruelty in the face of other people’s suffering.

It is through the imposition of this ideology that the contemporary world It is based not on the union between human beings, but on their separation, in order to absolutize the right to private property. Hence the emphasis on security as one of the supreme concepts of neoliberal society and that translates into police and military control.

Private ownership of the means of production is founded on the appropriation of people’s work whom he enslaves and alienates, which is the source of world and social conflicts. Therefore, it is incompatible with freedom, equality and fraternity. It is a fact that these principles are only resorted to when the freedom of the owners of the means of production and financial capital is defended and the middle and upper sectors of societies are affected.

Hence the rejection of rights and its defenders, because in the market-governed society universal values ​​do not predominate, but class interests.

Human rights in their political, economic, social, cultural and ecological dimensions are indissoluble among themselves. When they occur in a disintegrated form, it is a sign that they mask injustice, because it is intended to give the appearance of relationships presided over by freedom and equality, as if they were ethereal ideas and separated from history.

What equality exists between the workers and owners of sapara, the retail and the financial system? Do they have the same possibilities of life, food, health, housing, recreation, access to art, raising a family? The countries, are they governed by the workers, who are the ones that produce the goods and services essential for living? The peasants make the laws? Who are elected as authorities?

Although it is intended to hide, history shows the genocides of Africa the Far East and what happened during the invasion of America : the colonizers’ ships stopped in front of any country, imposed their law, seized their natural resources and established their dodo, or mining, or sugarcane, or oil, or nitrate republics, with all the springs to maintain their dominion legally or by force.

On May 27, 1511, in Samson Domis the Letter of Franciscans and Dominicans was written regarding the violence exerted on the aboriginal and that, among other points, it says that “the inhabitants of these islands are being destroyed and annihilated by violence. (…). Their bodies are abused as hard as the manure that is trodden on the ground. (…) These people have been destroyed, their skin has been glued to their bones and they are dry. (…) Time will show if something better can be done with them. For now, let’s try this: don’t let them disappear. They go to death in herds. ”

Is it different from what happens today, when entire peoples are being decimated by unemployment and violence and must emigrate to survive? Is it false that mining and agricultural companies steal and poison water with its aftermath of hunger and disease? What is the difference with the current salmon, cellulose, fruit, hydroelectric, thermoelectric, fishing, etc., which are protected by the laws and by the armed forces and the police, while appropriating land, forests, lakes, rivers and seas that have belonged to workers and indigenous peoples?

Following the economist and academic Héctor sega (“Pandemic and crisis of the model” – 5/15/2020), in this model of society solidarity does not have room. And subsidies do not mean solidarity, but greater dependency.

Solidarity or respect for human rights is not possible in Chilean society when 197,700 people, that is, 0.01% of the population dictates the norms under the which distributes the country’s wealth. And, within this percentage, 1,790 people, at the top of the super rich, earn 450 million pesos as monthly income. The smith Hayek oracle has been implemented in the Constitution of Pinochet of 1980. And the inequality it causes is maintained under the police force and militarized.

By Hervi Lara B.

Tomak de Chile, June 24, 2020.










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