They guarantee the operation of free fairs during quarantine


Measurements. This doubt was cleared after a remote meeting, in which authorities and representatives of said supply centers participated.

CURICÓ. After the entry into force of the so-called total quarantine in the urban area of ​​Curicó, one of the many questions raised by citizens was related to the operation of the so-called free fairs. In order to clarify this doubt, the representatives of said supply centers met remotely with authorities, an instance where the main doubts that were around to allow the continuity of such service were clarified. For this reason, it was important to know what has happened in other parts of the country, after the entry into force of a measure such as quarantine, considering all the instructions given by the Ministry of Health.
Specifically, those who need to go to venues such as the Curicó Free Fair (Felicur), Vega O’Higgins, Vega Central and Vega Sur will be required to have a special accreditation. One of the authorities who participated in the meeting was Governor Roberto González, who appreciated the opportunity presented to listen to the different concerns of the managers of the free fairs in Curicó, always thinking of ensuring the supply of basic necessities, such as fruits, vegetables and greens are. “The free fairs in Curicó will be able to continue operating, because they are essential supply centers, where basic necessities are sold daily, which supply a large part of the population at very fair prices. It is important to point out the effort that free fairs are making to comply with the health protocols established by the authority, ”he said. Another vital point is to be able to avoid crowds. “We want to make a special appeal to consumers, to go from one person per family group to buy, always carrying the respective permit, which must be requested through the website,” he said.
The governor added that the people who attend the fairs should “go with a mask, wear gel alcohol and gloves. For the tranquility of the clients, each of these fairs has adopted different measures such as, sanitizing their facilities, expanding spaces to maintain social distance, mandatory use of masks, and all the measures that we have detailed at length, so that they do not the operation is interrupted. ”

Meanwhile, the manager of Felicur, Rodrigo Valenzuela, valued the will and commitment of the authorities to unite wills in a common objective that is to maintain a normal supply chain. “The Curicó Free Fair will continue to serve the public, we will continue to supply, the fairs do not close, they are essential at this time of quarantine, so for the same reason, we have held different meetings today, with different communal and provincial authorities”, said. Free fairs are the main supply market for Curican families. They supply 70% of the population and generate a large number of jobs. The protocols, instructions and manuals implemented by the Minagri are available on the website


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