October 16, 2021


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Minsal brings Covid-19-related deaths to 7,144, after reporting suspected cases


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As of today, the epidemiological report will count the cases that have not had the result of the laboratories.

The Ministry of Health reported a total of 3,069 deceased Covid-19 suspects whose examinations laboratories are pending, a figure that will be added from today in epidemiological reports.

With this figure, the total number of deaths from Coronavirus in Chile amounts to 7,144 people.

The head of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, Rafael Araos explained this Saturday that, based on the figures of the Department of Statistics and Health Information, “regarding the number of deaths with laboratory confirmation that DEIS informs us, it is close to the daily number of deaths reported by the Ministry of Health. , which amounts to 4,075. ”

“ In relation to the deceased, due to Covid, without laboratory confirmation (…) the number amounts to 3,069. This number is provisional and may change over time, that does not mean that there may be errors, but that they are normal rectifications that occur, “he explained.

The authority explained that this last figure will not be added to the daily balances and only will deliver in the epidemiological report.

Regarding the difference in figures between the number of confirmed deaths from DEIS and the Ministry of Health (4,295), Araos said that “it will never be the same as the daily report” because the methodology is different .

“Everyone knows that there is” this figure

Araos also added that information is not being hidden, noting that “what is done in a pandemic situation is to make a giant effort to have a daily number that best reflects reality. ”

“ The knowledge that there is an ‘X’ number of deaths that may not be confirmed by coronaviruses, is something that everyone knows exists. What we have done is: Being able to gather the information, cross that information and be in a position to deliver numbers that are reliable, ”he assured.

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