November 30, 2021


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Inequality is institutionalized violence-Daily Sinc


Friedrich von Hayek One of the greatest thinkers of neoliberalism, in Santiago, Chile It is pointed out that “this is the evolution of property, contract, and freedom relative to the property belonging to everyone, and has become the basis of civilization.” (…) “All new developments are due to what we can call “individualism” or some people evade the obligation to share”. (…) “It is recognized by law that everyone has his own private domain, which can be used to achieve his own goals.” (“The Moral Basis of a Free Society”, in “Estudios Públicos”, No. 3, July 1981, No. Page 69).

It can be explained that the current system in Chilean society and most parts of the world is based on violence and death. They are all incorporated into the system, condemning people’s greed for greed and the cruelest form of human cruelty. Face the pain of others.

By imposing this ideology, the contemporary world is not based on the union between people, but on the separation between people, in order to absolutely enjoy private property rights. Therefore, emphasizing security is one of the highest concepts of neoliberal society, and it is transformed into police and military control.

The private ownership of the means of production is based on his work of enslaving and alienating people, which is the source of conflicts in the world and society. Therefore, it is incompatible with freedom, equality and fraternity. In fact, these principles are only appealed to when defending the freedom of the owners of the means of production and financial capital and affecting the upper and middle classes of society.

Therefore, rights and their defenders are rejected because in a market-led society, universal values ​​do not dominate, but class interests.

Human rights are inseparable among political, economic, social, cultural and ecological aspects. When they appear in the form of disintegration, it shows that they conceal injustice, because it aims to make relations governed by freedom and equality look like illusory ideas and separate from history.

What is the equal relationship between workers and owners of Isapres, retail and the financial system? Do they have the same possibilities in life, food, health, housing, entertainment, access to art, and raising a family? Are these countries ruled by workers, who are the ones who produce the necessities of life? Farmers make laws? Who was elected as the authority?

Although it was designed to hide, history shows Africa Far away East And during the invasion United States : The colonists’ ships stopped in front of any country, implemented laws, confiscated their natural resources, and established a republic of bananas, mining, sugar cane, oil or nitrate, and owned all springs to maintain their dominance legally or by force.

May 27, 1517, at Santo Domingo of Letters from the Franciscans and the Dominicans Someone has written articles about the violence suffered by the indigenous people, including: “The inhabitants of these islands were destroyed and destroyed by violence. (…). Their bodies were tortured as severely as stepping on fertilizer on the ground. (…) ) These people are destroyed, the skin is glued to the bones, and they are dry. (…) Time will show whether you can do better with them. Now, let’s try: don’t let them disappear. They die in the herd. “

Is this different from what happened today? Today, the entire nation is dying due to unemployment and violence. Must immigrate to survive? Is it wrong for mining and agricultural companies to steal and poison water as a result of starvation and disease? What is the difference with the current salmon, cellulose, fruit, hydropower, thermal power, fishery, etc. These salmon, cellulose, fruit, hydropower, thermal power, fishery, etc. are protected by the law, armed forces and police, and occupied Belong to workers and indigenous peoples?

Follow economists and academia Héctor Vega (“The proliferation and crisis of the model”-6/15/2020) In this social model, there is no room for unity. Subsidies do not mean solidarity, but greater dependence.

When 197,600 people, or 0.01% of the population, determine the criteria for the distribution of national wealth, Chilean society cannot achieve unity or respect for human rights. Moreover, within this ratio, 1,780 people (the highest income among the super-rich) have a monthly income of 459 million pesos. Von Hayek’s prediction is already Pinochet The resulting inequality was maintained and militarized under the leadership of the police force.

Pass Hervi Lara B.

Santiago, Chile, June 17, 2020.


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