Government enables the website of the SaludableMente plan: It will have different profiles and professional support


Some of the functions of the site

The initiative seeks to address the emotional impact that the pandemic is having on the population. “We are not used to having to maintain this distancing,” said Undersecretary Daza.

The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, announced the launch of the website of the SaludableMente plan, which she will seek, through consultations and recommendations. , give support to those who have been emotionally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the authority, the site has the support of professionals in the Health area, as well as having different access profiles considering, for example, the age range.

“Today we are witnessing the emotional impact that the pandemic has produced in our country. We are witnesses of the fear, of fear and also of the pain that many people are living for being away from their loved ones. We are social beings and we are not used to having to maintain this physical and social distancing, “said Daza.

And added:” Today we are going to present a website called SaludableMente . This website has many components, one of them is to guide, accompany, help. And it also has different guides to support people. We can see that this website has all the offer that the State has given, from all the ministries ”.

The undersecretary also indicated that the website may be used by people with disabilities and will have profiles for children, the elderly, women and Covid positive people.

“It will also have support with health professionals, with psychologists to be able to give recommendations and to be able to guide these people who are suffering moments of anguish and anxiety (…) It will be strengthened with the recommendations that these experts from the SaludableMente table are giving us to strengthen this strategy, ”he closed.



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