December 6, 2021


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Cuba strongly protests against US interference in internal affairs


Yuri Gala López, Director of Bilateral Affairs of the U.S. General Directorate of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter this Friday Protesting notes from the charge d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba .

The statement condemned U.S. official Mara Tekach for Island internal affairs . The Cuban diplomat stipulated that Tekach sent a letter “(…) conspiracy with ordinary criminal José Daniel Ferrer”, Publicly slander the health systems of Caribbean countries.

Express the vibrant Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs...
The bilateral issue of Yuri Gala López, Director of the General Administration of the United States. Photo: The Cuban debate.

Similarly, the American diplomat posted a letter on the Twitter account of the American Embassy in Havana, in which she stated Support Ferre He was placed under house arrest after being sanctioned for beating another man.

Daniel Ferrer (Daniel Ferrer) is the head of an organization called Unión Patrióticade Cuba (UNPACU) funded by the US government. Cause chaos in Caribbean countries.

Gala López emphasized when protesting to him The behavior of the embassy, ​​especially the behavior of the agency, is not surprising” and “as we all know, Morality deteriorated and the country’s foreign policy was transformed And the contribution of several officials responsible for the Cuban issue to this deterioration. “

He also pointed out The behavior of the embassy and its agency is obviously a provocative intervention in the country’s internal affairs and is blatant. Violation of international law Diplomatic relations with countries. “

The Cuban official recalled that the diplomat “represents a government known for its sad record in the field of human rights in its territory and other countries”, referring to African American George Floyd (George Floyd) was recently murdered In the hands of a white policeman.

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