December 6, 2021


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After the Carabineros incident, the nurses at Melipilla Hospital provided support to the doctors


The nurse at San José de Melipilla Hospital expressed support for doctor Rubén Ibarra, who was accused by the police of “unwilling to attend” last Friday when they came to the compound with Covid-19 symptoms.

They said in a public statement: “The hospital, mainly the doctor on duty who provides care, has been threatened by rejection and social activities, endangering his safety. They said in the report that when the police asked for a PCR test sample,” Ministerial agreements have been applied in close contact with Covid-19 positive patients, who should be aware of these regulations and should comply with them every day when educating the population. “

According to the nurse, this process was carried out in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s contingency norms regarding the pandemic, that is, we are experiencing “and” no consultation with the police would cause life danger. “

The worker explained to the police in the statement: “After sampling, it must be quarantined for 14 days, and uniform agencies cannot use the electronic permit system for public services (…)” However, Carabineros was not satisfied with the care received and decided Prosecute the doctor on duty. “

In the end, the nurses union of the San Jose de Melipira Hospital expressed regret that “the government, the press and the political sector have made a verdict on the situation without prior investigation.”


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