October 27, 2021


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Undersecretary Daza gave the go to the fourth health residence in Curicó


Support. On the occasion, the mayor (s) announced that the Regional Government will allocate 15 thousand boxes of food for the commune to support families during the quarantine period.

CURICÓ. As of last night, at 10:00 p.m., the commune went into quarantine and it was in this context that the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, visited the commune to give the go to the fourth health residence that opened its doors in Curicó , specifically in the Hotel Comercio.
Along with thanking the role played by the media in informing the population about the situation the country is experiencing as a result of the pandemic, the Health authority highlighted the inauguration of this new residence, as one of the pillars in the strategy being developed in the country to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.
“We know that we are dealing with a virus that is very contagious and people must remain isolated, from their loved ones and from your community so as not to continue infecting others. And that is why the sanitary residences, like the one that we are inaugurating today in Curicó, are fundamental places to be able to isolate those people who cannot make a safe isolation in their homes, “he said. that the people who arrive at this residence will not only have care from the point of view to maintain safe isolation, but also care from the team of health professionals who will be in charge of the place, who may also be transferred to health centers if necessary.
Paula Daza recalled that sanitary residences are free for all people who require isolation and cannot do it in their homes, “therefore, we hope that we complete this residence in the next 48 hours because we know that today there are people who are in their homes who require isolation and cannot do it. ”
Furthermore, the undersecretary appro he took away the call “to all the curicans. Today (Friday) they enter quarantine, it is a very tough, strict measure, which means that people have to stay at home, unless they have a permit that allows them to go out on what is strictly necessary. We call on all Curicans to please respect this measure, because as long as they respect it, decrease mobility, they will be able to stop the Coronavirus and this quarantine will last less than desirable, “he said.

LABORATORY [19659004] In the opportunity, the mayor Javier Muñoz, thanked the presence of the undersecretary of Public Health, “on a crucial day, very important, a product that we started the quarantine, but also to thank for having this important hotel as a health residence in Curicó, With the capacity it has and being able to reach 80 rooms, it is tremendously important; and we thank all the teams in the region who have worked and we know that it has not been easy. Special thanks to all the staff, we wish you a lot of success, please take care of yourself, because we need you healthy so that you can continue doing your job. ”
The community chief also called for extreme efforts,“ because there is a commitment that has not been fulfilled, which is to set up the laboratory at the Curicó Hospital; and that laboratory would allow us to act much faster, thinking that Curicó is the city in the region that has the highest rate of contagion and in that sense we can work faster to isolate these patients as we also have faster results from the PCR exams ”, pointed out Javier Muñoz, thanking“ publicly all the joint work that we have developed with the Municipality, with the Government with the Maule Health teams and with the Municipality, to be able to face this complex situation as one body ” .

Meanwhile, the director of the Maule Health Service (SSM), Luis Jaime, commented that this is the tenth health residence in the Maule Region. “This is the largest in the region, it has 80 rooms, we can get around 140 people to use these rooms with the same number of beds. To date, with this, we are going to exceed the 400 beds available in our regional network, which means a large number of patients who can come to do their quarantine in decent, livable and safe conditions for them. ”
In Regarding the hospital capacity of the Maule Region, Dr. Luis Jaime assured that about 40% of the beds are still available in hospital facilities, which translates into 600 beds that can be used by patients who require it. .

Finally, the mayor (s), Felipe Donoso, announced that the Maule Regional Government will have 15 thousand food boxes for the commune of Curicó with the emergency resources available to them, asking the support to the mayor Javier Muñoz, so that they can be distributed over the next week, to which the community chief immediately gave an affirmative answer.


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