December 6, 2021


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They rule out that at the moment quarantine is applied in Talca


More extreme measure. During her stay in the regional capital, the undersecretary of health Paula Daza, led the inauguration of a Covid-19 traceability call center that began operating in the gymnasium of the “Marta Donoso Espejo” high school in Talca, with a total of 23 people operating.

TALCA. Responding to journalistic inquiries during a press point that he offered yesterday morning in this city, the Undersecretary of Health, Paula Daza, ruled out that for the moment he is thinking of implementing the total quarantine measure in the Talca commune, a restriction that has already it began to be adopted since last night, at 10:00 pm, in the urban radio of the Curicó commune.
“In general terms, the President of the Republic, together with the crisis committee, we evaluate daily the measures that are applied in all the country; and in this sense, quarantine is the most extreme and drastic measure, which affects communities a lot, but it is the only one that allows us to reduce mobility. Thus, when this restriction is adopted, local behavior is taken into account, what people do in certain periods that increases mobility. From that point of view, this alternative is not currently considered (quarantine for the Talca commune), “emphasized the Undersecretary of Health.
Similarly, she emphasized that those communes that are not in quarantine also have to decreasing their mobility “that is why (mobility) is what produces the greatest number of cases,” he pointed out.

During her visit to the regional capital, Undersecretary Paula Daza led the inauguration of a Covid-19 traceability call center, which began operating in the gymnasium of the “Marta Donoso Espejo” high school in Talca, a place to which the government authority was accompanied by the mayor (s), Felipe Donoso; the Mayor of Talca, Juan Carlos Díaz; the seremi de Salud, Marlenne Durán; and the director of the Maule Health Service (SSM), Dr. Luis Jaime.
On the occasion it was found that the site has the necessary conditions to make the calls, and will allow for an increase in staff to continue making traceability of cases. It should be noted that the space has been provided by the Municipality of Talca in an effort to improve the fight against the Coronavirus.
“We are opening this call center in order to be able to track all confirmed cases. Today we are in the largest pandemic in the world that we have experienced in the last 100 years. In Chile we are living through moments that are difficult, with an increase in important cases and we have a health system that is stressed and one of the most important strategies for containing this outbreak, first is to identify those cases that are with Covid-19 and We have not found it and that is why we have strengthened the network of laboratories at the level of our country and today we have more than 88 laboratories that are delivering results of Coronavirus. The second strategy that is fundamental is the traceability of those confirmed cases, to make a timely follow-up to find out who are those close contacts that the confirmed case has had to give it the corresponding indications, “said Daza.
In total, there are 23 people who 14 work in the call center, 14 in the case monitoring area; two in closing cases; three epidemiology coordinators; and two digitizers.
In addition, there are 14 people for traceability phone calls and the team will be strengthened with 22 more people.
“The Mayor of Talca and his team have decided to collaborate significantly with the Region of Maule, contributing with space, the technical and physical capacity to install this call center and generate better work on the part of the seremía, ultimately seeking to jointly control this pandemic, ”stressed the deputy mayor.
In as much the mayor of Talca, indicated that “this call center is very important to define the traceability and to follow up on all the people who have the Covid-19 virus. And we are going to join not only with the infrastructure, the invitation is also to implement a new call center, strengthening and strengthening the existing one, where there are more than 24 officials working, “said the Talquino community chief.


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