“The priority is everyone’s health”


Nicolás Larcamón, manager of the albirrojo club. “The priority will always be responsibly what the regulations indicate,” he said. In Curicó Unido a player would be carrying out preventive quarantine by a family member with Covid-19.

CURICÓ . From Tuesday to Friday, he managed to train Curicó Unido on his return to practice in his bunker in Santa Cristina. Neither the financial effort made by the club, the inspection of the Minsal officials, or the authorization of the preventive protocol allowed any special permission to continue training and from today, with Curicó in quarantine, the red-haired people will have to stop their training and the sports complex (although located outside the urban area of ​​the city) will be semi empty to avoid the displacement of its officials who come from Curicó. Larcamón’s team training stops, and for DT, social responsibility comes first.

“The priority will always be responsibly what the regulations indicate, ensuring the health of everyone, not only the team, but of all the people who live in Curicó” began the red-haired technician Nicolás Larcamón , after learning of the new stoppage of training due to the quarantine status decreed for a week for Curicó. “The training has been carried out in a good way this week, in a good atmosphere, with a barbarous disposition, the work has also had an excellent organization with the work staff, sanitary measures and field work was very well executed” added the DT, who highlighted the professionalism of his managers: “The willingness of the boys has been excellent, we demonstrate a level of professionalism that really does not surprise me because there is a great group of work, with great disposition and desire, we worked well and we will continue to take responsibility with the health issue and with the delicate scenario that we have to live today, “reiterated Larcamón, who will be a virtual new week connected to his pupils, hoping to return to training on Saturday June 27, always when the quarantine does not extend over the city. “The priority is everyone’s health, we will stay at home and we will propose a new training scenario to continue responding and go through this moment without losing the preparation for the level of competitiveness that we had at the beginning of all this process”, finished the DT .

Although it has not been officially confirmed in the club, there would be a player who, without diagnosing positive for Covid-19, did not train this week, as he would carry out preventive quarantine when in contact with a close relative diagnosed positive to Coronavirus. “We finally carried out 46 PCR exams on the entire team of players, coaching staff and club members who are related to the first team and all the results came out negative,” they acknowledged in Santa Cristina, where they also took preventive measures with this youth squad who would return to practices with the entire campus next Saturday 27.


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