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At the time of reading these lines, those who reside in the urban area of ​​Curicó, will be experiencing the first of several days that are expected to be total quarantine. For many it is a measure that “fell out of the box”, especially considering that the capital commune of the northern province of Maule, continues to lead the main regional indexes of people infected by Coronavirus.

For the same reason, it is required to reduce the mobility of those who reside in such territory and to remain as long as possible in their respective homes.

In a country known internationally for its inequalities, facing this scenario will also be. We have the possibility of observing the experience of other areas of the country, where this measure has been in force or is still in force, which allows us to draw some lessons. For example, what has happened in Valparaíso, contrasts with the images that can be seen every day on TV from Santiago, which should mark a kind of precedent.

When asked about “the extent” that the quarantine will have, the mayor Javier Muñoz, indicated that this will depend on the “behavior” that the Curicans have, since failing to “flatten” the curve of cases, the most Every seven days, the quarantine is likely to be renewed, as is happening in much of the Metropolitan Region.

Without a doubt, those who come will not be easy days. We will be facing a hard test. There will be a series of drawbacks that will require the conjunction of many factors in order to be overcome. For now, access to basic products will be guaranteed, as supermarkets, bakeries and neighborhood stores will be able to continue operating, although to access them, a provisional permit must be requested. Other services, such as banks or pharmacies, will also be available, under the same format.

This quarantine must be approached and understood as an opportunity to “correct the course” and overcome it. But for this, everyone’s collaboration is required.


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