October 27, 2021


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Complaint against undersecretary of Interior for authorizations for “non-essential” activities during quarantine


This Thursday, June 18, the Seventh Santiago Court of Guarantee accepted a complaint for the crime of administrative trespass against the Undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli.

The legal action was presented by the lawyer Luis Mariano Rendón and is based on the authorizations given by Galli to different non-essential activities to exempt from the quarantine.

Rendón explained that the current regulations, issued by the Ministry of Health, establishes that companies that carry out essential activities related to supplies, critical and health services can be excepted.

«However, we have been able to verify that companies that have nothing to do with these items have been excepted, that they do not constitute any contribution to face the pandemic, but they do imply exposure to the risk of contagion of their workers, contagion that as we know can be deadly, “he said.

As an example of these non-essential activities, Rendón indicated the works to improve sidewalks that are carried out in the El Llano sector, in the municipality of San Miguel. The lawyer added that surely, if a general review is made, we will be able to find many others of this type, which have no justification to be carried out at this time of emergency.

The works in El Llano.

«The Government points to the public as responsible for not complying with the quarantine and announces high penalties, but in reality it is the Government itself that is arbitrarily excepting various companies. This arbitrariness must be judged by the courts and we hope that the maximum penalties will be applied to the authorities who manifest such a level of indolence, “Rendón concluded.


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