October 17, 2021


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Young people with firearms enter the home to assault their owners


Alarms from the neighbors drove the criminals away:

  • Shock caused an unusual act of violence in broad daylight in a private home in Villa El Señorial.

This Wednesday afternoon, two young subjects provided of firearms entered a residence in Villa El Señoríal, to assault its inhabitants, however the activation of alarms by neighbors prevented them from achieving their mission.

This fact was at the intersection of Julio Montero streets with Aristodema Jorquera.

The information was confirmed by the president of the neighborhood council, Érika Álvarez: «Yes, two criminals entered a house. To enter they bent the points of the fence and thus they could enter. The neighbors were inside, there was a struggle. I think they were looking for money, things like that, but there was nothing, it was a great scare from the neighbors, because nobody expected these things from one moment to the next, “ said.

How What time was this?

– This was around five-thirty in the afternoon … a quarter to six on this Wednesday, they were armed.

Did they manage to identify the weapons, were they pistols or something like that?

– They are with pistols, because in the cameras they come out, the images are turning. Police say he was unable to catch them because they fled quickly. Well, it is known that we have been looking at the security issue of the villagers for a long time and for this we feel bad, super bad.

How did the marriage turn out, are they older adults, adults or young people?

– Yes, they are adults and a young man who lived with them.

How are they, what did you know?

– The young man is wrong , he is shocked, they threw him on the ground, pointed the gun at him; is wrong, shocked to this day. We have a WhatsApp where he writes things, so it is terrible because one can tell him to calm down a bit, because so many things can happen to anyone, because at the moment one does not expect it, nobody expects someone to enter his house. so violently.

Is the marriage okay?

– Yes, okay, the scare could have gotten older.

Weren’t you robbed of anything?

– No, they started because the neighbors started to sound the alarms and they were scared.

Explain that these alarms are the ones that the municipality provided in a security plan: «They did help practically and we agree to play at a certain time, crime is already unleashed here “, ended.

In our edition yesterday they also made clear their complaints about the theft of accessories and batteries of vehicles parked on the road public.


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